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Working with a nutritionist is an investment and you need to know that you are working with the right person who can offer the services you are after. So before you commit both your time and your money, it’s important you feel comfortable with whoever you work with and confident they understand your needs. 

Having an initial call allows me to get to know more about you, what your goals are and how I can help you achieve these. The call also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions about the support I offer.


One-to-One Performance Nutrition 

£250 / 4 weeks (minimum of 12 weeks)

Who is it for?

Those looking to maximise their potential through bespoke nutrition programmes and ongoing one-to-one support

What’s Included:

  • 90 minute consultation call

  • Detailed assessment on your goals, current diet, lifestyle, exercise/training schedule, and overall health and medical history

  • Comprehensive dietary analysis via online food diary

  • Bespoke nutrition programme tailored to your needs and goals including personalised nutrition targets

  • Competition, event or race day nutritional strategy plan

  • Mon-Fri contact via email and messaging between calls (with 24hr response time)

  • Monthly video check-ins (60 minutes)

  • Weekly online check-ins

  • Access to SENPRO, a sophisticated nutritional coaching platform, a library of educational resources and tools, and recipes personalised to your preferences and need

Follow up consultation (60 minutes) - £100
Follow up consultation only available to existing clients and can be booked up 3 months after your 1-1 support has ended

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Borrow My Brain

£45 for a 30 minute call

Want to Tap into My Expertise?

Introducing "Borrow My Brain" – a cost-effective way to get my professional advice without committing to a long-term or higher-priced service. This is perfect if you have a few specific questions or want to see how I can help!


  • Balancing meals for optimal fuelling and recovery

  • Adapting your diet to support muscle gain

  • Navigating nutrition labels for healthier choices

  • Hydration tips for peak performance

  • Smart snack choices for sustained energy

Please note - These calls are designed for straightforward questions and basic advice, not complex issues or comprehensive nutrition plans.


Workshops, talks and presentations

Please enquire for pricing

Tailored group workshops, presentations and lectures that can be held either in-person or online.


Each talk is completely tailored to the group being presented to, their needs and the desired outcomes of the talk. There is also the option to include additional resources such as workbooks and booklets.

Here are some examples of workshops and talks I have done:

  • Nutrition for youth and adolescent athletes

  • Performance nutrition for individual athletes competing in sports such as swimming, athletics, curling and combat sports

  • Performance nutrition for team sports

  • Nutrition for overall health and wellbeing

  • How to optimise sleep

  • Hydration

  • Low energy availability and RED-S

  • Supplements and anti-doping

  • Travel and competing overseas

  • Pre-, intra- and post-exercise nutrition and hydration strategies

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