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A registered Performance Nutritionist (SENr) working with performance-driven individuals. I am based in Staffordshire and work with athletes and active individuals both locally and nationally, as well as remotely online.

Nutrition can provide the edge that takes your performance to the next level. And there is nothing more rewarding than being a part of helping someone achieve something they didn’t think was possible, or reach a goal they’ve been working so hard towards. 
I help all individuals, from beginners to elite level athletes, improve their performance and fulfil their goals through the power of Performance Nutrition so they can fuel their training, optimise their performance, aid recovery and support overall health.
Nutrition can very often be the ‘missing piece of the puzzle’ when it comes to optimal performance and total wellness with the food we put into our bodies playing a pivotal role in enhancing performance, preventing or managing injury, optimising body composition and supporting overall health.
There is also a lot more to nutrition than just following a meal plan and what you eat, which is why the work I do has a huge emphasis on providing individualised nutritional advice and support that is not only easy to follow but has a big focus on education so that you can continue to implement everything we have done long after working together.
My aim is to help as many people as possible live and perform at their best by helping them find their own balance between nutrition, performance and life so they can optimise their performance as well as their long-term health.



  • Training and performance nutritional strategies - day to day fuelling, nutritional periodisation according to your training/competition phase and goals, recovery, injury/illness prevention and management, supplementation

  • Competition or event/race day nutritional strategies - preparation/weeks leading up to event nutritional plans, on the day/competition nutritional plans, post event recovery strategies, supplementation

  • Body comp/weight manipulation - optimising body composition, making weight for weight category sports, fat/weight loss, muscle growth

  • Hydration - hydration strategies, fluid balance 

  • RED-S - recovering irregular or lost menstrual cycle, transitioning out of Low Energy Availabilty (LEA)

  • Lifestyle and overall health and well being -day-today eating to support energy levels and optimise health, sleep, stress management, women's health, relationship with food

  • Workshops and Talks - Sport Teams, Gyms, Schools, Corporate Wellness

To find out more information on the different nutritional services I provide, click the 'Contact Me' button below.


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More About me

My background


With 10+ years experience working in the sport, exercise and health industry I have been fortunate enough to work with some incredible athletes and individuals which has allowed me to gain a wealth of experience and a deep understanding on how to enable nutrition, exercise and health to work together synergistically. 


Food and nutrition have always been a huge interest and passion of mine so after working as an S&C Coach for elite athletes, I naturally transitioned into Performance Nutrition where I now have my own private consultancy practice helping all individuals, from beginners to elite level athletes, enhance all areas of their training and performance as well as their daily life, health and well-being through the power of nutrition.

Alongside my private consultancy, I am also the Lead Performance Nutritionist for British Curling, and lead assessor and content creator for The Institute of Performance Nutrition. 


My experience of working with so many diverse individuals has also allowed me to appreciate and understand the many different challenges an athlete can experience and the crucial role nutrition can play when it comes to optimising training and performance, aiding recovery and supporting health and wellbeing.


From my own sporting endeavours, I know first hand how important nutrition is for performance and feeling your best. I have learnt things the hard way where in the past I have made a fair few mistakes and followed some awful, and quite harmful, nutritional advice. Which is why I want to make sure no one makes the same nutrition mistakes I have made and to make nutrition something that supports all aspects of your life and is accessible to everyone.


Qualifications, Accreditations & Experience


ISAK Anthropometry Level 1
PGDip in Sport and Exercise Nutrition 

MSc in Strength and Conditioning 

BSc in Human Biology

Level 4 Strength and Conditioning

Level 1 Strength and Conditioning

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety 


Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist (SENR)

UK Anti-Doping Accredited Adviser (UKAD)


I am fully insured and registered with the Sport and Exercise Nutrition register (SENR)  - this means I am globally recognised by the British Dietetic Association (BDA) as someone who is suitably qualified and experienced to work as a Sport and Exercise Nutritionist.


10+ years working in the sport, exercise and health industry

3 years working as a Performance Nutritionist for recreational, amateur and professional athletes

5 years working as a Lead S&C coach for elite athletes

Lecturing and supervising in areas including nutrition, human physiology and rehabilitation from injury and illness

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