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  • Do you only work with professional athletes?
    Performance Nutrition is for everyone
  • Do you work with youth and adolescent athletes?
  • What areas of nutrition support do you cover?
    Competition, event or race day nutritional strategies Nutritional periodisation Supplements and anti-doping procedures Prevention and recovery from injury and illness Navigating travel, eating out and social engagements Relationship with food and body image Cooking, meal prepping/planning, food shopping Address nutritional deficiencies Pre, intra-, post-exercise nutrition Hydration Avoiding and remedying gastrointestinal symptoms RED-S, menstrual cycle disturbances or transitioning out of Low Energy Availability Day-to-day nutrition to support health and wellbeing Making weight for weight category sports Improving body composition (losing fat, building muscle) and body-recomposition If you have something specific you'd like to work on, please get in touch to find out how I can help you.
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