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Nina has exceeded my expectations…the level of detail and effort that she puts into our regular updates… she gives specific calorie and macro targets, as well as any foods to focus on, time of eating, how to structure food around training sessions, and much more. I really couldn't ask for much more.

I used to be one of those people that just ate as little as possible to lose weight but she has helped me to see the value of properly fuelling myself…I feel I have much more energy, therefore, allowing me to train harder.

Nina has encouraged me and made me see the benefits of adding as much variety as I can. It has made me feel less like I'm dieting and more like I'm just eating what I want.

Nina has the knowledge to able to help you in your weight-making approach, which will allow you to make weight safely, healthily, and in a way that fuels your training properly.

I would absolutely recommend Nina to any athlete in a weight-governed sport

Hashim Rehman
Professional Boxer

Professional Mountain Bikers_edited.jpg

I had a cycling event in 3 months time and really wanted to make sure my nutrition was as good as it could be in the lead up to the event during training and for the actual event.

Nina really changed my view and knowledge of nutrition and I really benefited from her knowledge and expertise.

She showed me how to plan my meals each day and understand how to fuel my time on the bike to make sure my energy was there all the way through each ride.

My performance over the 3 months improved massively as did my numbers on the bike. My training was the same but my nutrition was completely different to anything I have done in the past and it really paid off.

Whenever I had a question or wasn’t quite sure of something, I would drop Nina a message and get all the info I needed back.

Her support has been second to none and I would definitely recommend her to help you on your own journey.

David W.
Road cyclist and Mountain biker

Image by Alora Griffiths

I wanted to get out of bad habits of restricting and binging foods. I had an unhealthy relationship with food and needed that to change.

Straight away Nina identified that I was eating to little and this caused me to binge. We worked on upping my calories and immediately I saw the changes. I had no weight gain and straight away managed to break my binge habits and I was no longer starving at the end of each day.

Nina was fully supportive and guided me not only with nutrition but also sleep pattern and general mind, health and wellbeing.

I only worked with Nina for 12 week's but felt like I achieved a lot during this time. I am now confident that I can eat more and have a better balance in my life not punishing myself for eating foods that I thought I shouldn't.

Rhea J.
Powerlifter and Weightlifter


When working with Nina I felt very secure & confident in reaching my intended targets. The stress of making weight in boxing is half the battle so having Nina's professional attitude, input & knowledge along with my own experience, it really did benefit my training performances & ability to compete at a higher standard.

We used the SENPRO App which allowed me to show my progress & be in consistent dialogue when tracking my calories & macros.

I really enjoyed taking a step back from worrying about everything & listening to the advice provided me with many different dishes & styles of food which was very exciting because I was used to tasteless bland food.

I fully believe any client or company that utilises your skills will be very very impressed.

Luke Evans
Professional boxer


I have worked with Nina all throughout my time at university as a student athlete. Being in a combat sport with weight groups, managing my diet was critical for being able to perform.

With Nina’s help I always came into competition on weight and also feeling ready to compete.

Working with her I was able to obtain my best performances at the British Universities Championships and go on to represent my university and country at the European University Combat Games.

Thomas Lish

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